Costa Rica’s Tarrazu and Other Coffee Growing Regions

Rising thousands of feet above the frothy Pacific, Costa Rica’s Talamanca Sierra mountains surround a national treasure: the famed coffee growing regions of Tarrazu and Monte Verde. Lush rain forest crowns these magical valleys where the song of lively jungle creatures at daybreak punctuates each day of honest work. Their rich, slightly acidic volcanic soils, a cool and moist climate, and a centuries old tradition of coffee cultivation conspire to produce the best 100% Arabica “Strict Hard Beans”, easily rivaling Jamaican Blue Mountain or Ethiopian Sidano varietals. We source our Golden Nugget coffee directly from local farms in these valleys for its smooth, balanced, complex flavor.


Among the best regions in Costa Rica, the Tarrazu valley benefits from high altitude, cool moist climate and extra sunlight as compared to other regions further north with longer rainy seasons.  Our staple Golden Nugget brand coffees capture the essence of a fine Tarrazu bean, with notes of hazelnut, almond, stone fruit, and distinctive chocolate finish.  The flavor is rich yet smooth; never bitter.

Tarrazu Reserve Medium Roast Ground

Tarrazu Dark Roast Whole Bean Coffee