The Tarrazu Region


Tarrazu Region View
View of the Tarrazu Region and the town of San Marcos in the valley.

The Tarrazu region is located in the west-central portion of Costa Rica located approximately 40 miles (70 km) from the capital San Jose.  The region straddles the Talamanca Sierra mountain range, which provides several climatic advantages for the cultivation of coffee.  The valley begins at 3,000 ft with plantations dotting the mountain sides as high as 6,000 feet above sea level (the mountains rise still higher).  This is an ideal altitude for growing Arabica coffee as we discuss in depth in our article about high elevation coffee.

Tarrazu enjoys more advantages than altitude, of course.  The soil is nutrient rich with traces of volcanic ash confers rich, complex flavors while helping to balance acidity.  Thanks to the presence of the mountain range, the regular easterly winds force warm, moist air from the Pacific up into the valley providing cool, moist air that is ideal for the slow growing Arabica cultivars that Tarrazu specializes in.


Tirra Tree
Tirra Tree, the namesake of the natural and honey processed beans that we import.


Tarrazu Coffee

Coffee grown in Tarrazu grows small and hard because of the combination of elevation, cooler climate and significant drainage on the mountainside.   The size and texture is in no way a detriment – it is a sign of a superior coffee whose flavors have developed breadth and complexity under duress.



Tarrazu Coffee for Consumers

We offer a wide range of roasts, package sizes and sources even with in the Tarrazu regions, from larger cooperatives to micro lots.  Below are some of our more popular and easily found Tarrazu coffee brands available in grocery.

Tarrazu Reserve Medium Roast Ground

Tarrazu Dark Roast Whole Bean


Tarrazu Coffee Wholesale

Please visit our wholesale Tarrazu coffee information page to read about our offerings and contact us through one of the contact methods provided.