Jozef & Jolana Jaklovsky, co-founders of Cafe Jose, introducing our Tarrazu Coffee at one of our beloved demos.

Our mission and purpose is rooted in the delicious, smooth flavor of Tarrazu Costa Rica coffee, as well as the special people and climate that work together to produce this very special bean.  No story about Cafe Jose is complete unless we return to 2011, when the co-founders of Café José traveled to Costa Rica’s interior jungles, stunning Arenal volcano, and expansive coffee plantations. 

While bountiful wildlife and local hospitality enchanted them, it was the intensely flavorful coffee that disarmed them!  Costa Rica is replete with growing regions producing delicious coffee, but they fell in love with the region and coffee of Tarrazu because of its unique climate, soil and higher altitude that create the unique flavor characteristics of Tarrazu’s coffee.  They departed the region with rich memories, new friendships, and a passion for authentic Costa Rica coffee that they now bring to you through Café José.

Tarrazu region valley surrounded by rainforest covered hills and coffee plantations
Tarrazu region valley in Costa Rica

Café Jose’s Golden Nugget brand coffee is made from 100% Arabica beans sourced directly from Tarrazu. These magical valleys rise from 2,000 to 4,000 feet above sea level, crowned by lush rain forest where the song of lively jungle creatures at daybreak punctuates each day of honest work. Rich volcanic soils and a cool, moist climate at high elevation conspire to produce “Strict Hard Beans” – the best of the best, with complex, broad flavor.


We’d ask you to try Golden Nugget… but chances are you already know our coffee from exclusive coffee shops offering Tarrazu beans at twice the price, or gourmet brands that seek out these exceptional beans to add to their blends.  Instead, we invite you to get reacquainted with the authentic, single origin Costa Rican Tarrazu coffee that is not blended or altered.  Its clean, delicious, ethically sourced, and affordable!  We are a family business that roasts with care in New England for enjoyment by our customers that buy coffee locally, as well as nationwide through our ecommerce coffee shop.      

Tarrazu Reserve Medium Roast Ground


Tarrazu Dark Roast Whole Bean Coffee