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Cafe Jose has been selling three SKUs of its retail Golden Nugget coffee brand since Spring of 2013 in the United States through select grocers and distributors.  This is an authentic single-origin Tarrazu coffee sourced from fair trade certified suppliers.  We offer the same roasted Tarrazu coffee on a wholesale basis, as well as additional SKUs at select retail locations under our brand : for example, different roast profiles, grinds and new in 2021, variations in wet/dry processing (e.g., Honey and Natural process beans).  We welcome new retail and distribution relationships.

Currently all of our wholesale Tarrazu coffee is sourced from cooperatives and farmers in the Tarrazu region of Costa Rica, which is famed for its climate well suited to growing beans with complex and balanced flavor, whose acidity is lower than other high altitude coffees.  

Please contact us for more information, pricing and samples.

Food Service Wholesale Tarrazu Coffee

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Cafe Jose actively sells its wholesale Tarrazu coffee to a number of regional coffee shops, bakeries and other specialty food service.  We are happy to accept orders for individual cases or bulk whole bean coffee (packaged in 5 lb bags, 4 to a case) for customers in the food service business.  We offer numerous benefits for businesses seeking a unique, distinctively flavored coffee:

  • High quality, gourmet coffees with distinctive flavor that will set you apart from nearby competitors brewing commercial grade coffees
  • Lower price and higher margins for you since we offer our beans at competitive prices
  • Flexible payment terms for established customers
  • Payment options to suite your needs – credit card, e-check or paper check payment on account
  • Quick shipping

Until wholesale ordering is ready through this website, please place an order by phone:

Please contact us for more information, pricing and samples.

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