You’ve reached the old announcement page for our Facebook e-shop.  We still sell our delicious, single origin, fair-trade coffees through two Cafe Jose online stores: in our Facebook shop and also in the online coffee shop on this very website, which includes many more varieties and coffee accessories.  Both Cafe Jose online stores offer the same high quality, single origin Tarrazu coffee, roasted medium and dark, with free shipping included in the price.  Visit our coffee online shop page to check out our selection.  

Choice of Two Cafe Jose Coffees

Case of Six 12 oz. Bags of Cafe Jose Coffee

Two bags of Cafe Jose Coffee
Case of six 12 oz bags of Cafe Jose Coffee
Choose Reserve blend, Special Medium or Dark blends, or Espresso One case of six bags of Cafe Jose Coffee – your choice of Reserve, Special Medium, Special Dark or Espresso.
$21.95 + FREE Shipping $54.95 + FREE Shipping
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