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One 2 lb (32 oz) bag of Natural Process Tarrazu Medium Roast, Whole Bean Coffee.  This is an exclusive bean surpassing others in the depth and complexity of flavor, including our popular Honey Process beans.  The aroma comprises an amazing array of notes : chocolate, hazelnut, apricot, strawberry, and other fruits.  The flavor complexity and smoothness belies a more balanced, lower acidity than comparable Tarrazu beans.  These beans achieve these characteristics by undergoing the traditional, “natural process” of removing coffee berry pulp from the bean at harvest.  This involves drying the beans for an extended period and them removing the pulp manually (aided by equipment).  More of the coffee berry remains on the bean, giving it its phenomenal nose and body.  It is a very labor intensive process that that’s the most sustainable with its limited use of water (unliked most washed beans) – also known as a “dry” process.

Grind at home to fit your taste and brewing equipment perfectly.

High quality, specialty grade strict hard beans (SHB) grown in the Tarrazu region of Costa Rica. SHB is the highest quality designation for beans that grow small and hard at high elevation.

Tarrazu features high elevations of 5,000 ft. or more, volcanic soil and coil, moist air. These conditions lead to a bean that yields rich flavor that nevertheless is smooth and never bitter.

Tasting notes: a body of stone fruit, hazelnut, citrus and floral hints, with a hazelnut, caramel and chocolate finish

Roasted in fresh monthly batches in Massachusetts.  Fair Trade certified – sourced from 9 cooperatives comprising 5,000 farms of various sizes

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